Getting To Know Kim

Kimberly Dolan. Accredited Music Therapist. Masters of Music Therapy. Mental Health. Correctional Institutions. Adults. Seniors. Kingston. Ontario

How did your journey as an Accredited Music Therapist begin?

My journey as an Accredited Music Therapist began back in my high school days, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I have always been heavily involved with music, frequently writing songs to express my happiest and most challenging moments, and engaging in any musical activity I could find. Although I have such a passion for music and performance, it never made sense for me personally to pursue performance as a career. It didn’t represent my connection strongly enough. I learned of Music Therapy through a career quiz, and although I could not possibly understand what it truly was at that time, I was sold! The concept of using music in a therapeutic context made all of the sense in the world to me. From there, I began to study psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University and continued to read books about Music Therapy in preparation for the Masters of Music Therapy program. Now working full time as an Accredited Music Therapist, my journey is far from complete. I continue to learn and develop as a Music Therapist and am constantly searching for opportunities to expand my professional identity. The more I learn, the more I fall in love and connect with the field.

What did you do after your training as an Accredited Music Therapist and why? 

I am extremely fortunate that following my training, I immediately began working back in my hometown, Kingston. I finished my final internship in Summer 2017, nearing the end of which I connected with Find Your Voice Music Therapy. I moved back home to spend some much appreciated recovery time with my family and to work towards the completion of my board examination and become an Accredited Music Therapist. I officially began my work with Find Your Voice in October of that year. Within this year of joining the FYVMT family, I have grown my caseload, met and worked with many incredible individuals, and received a peer recognition award from the Canadian Association of Music Therapists. I cannot believe how time has flown, and I look forward to the coming year with this beautiful team!

What are you passionate about in music therapy?

I am passionate about engaging with people and providing a safe space in which they can express themselves and tell their story. Seeing people for who there are, rather than being defined by a diagnosis or experience is integral to my therapeutic approach, and my personal beliefs. I am passionate about facilitating experiences of growth and self exploration, through which people may develop a deeper understanding of their abilities, and strengths. In addition to this, I am extremely passionate about advocacy of the profession of music therapy and helping people to understand the many ways one can benefit and engage. The impact that music can have is overwhelmingly fascinating and impactful to me, I am passionate about connecting with people and finding the ways in which is is meaningful and impactful in their lives.

What do you hope to accomplish through your work music therapy?

Within my work I hope to accomplish safety, trust, and respect. I aspire to create an environment in which individuals feel comfortable to process, grow, and freely connect with music. I hope to create strong therapeutic relationships and allow those I meet to feel safe to be themselves and to engage with the music in whichever way they need in that given moment.