Getting to Know Christine!

Christine Naguib. Accredited Music Therapist. Masters of Music Therapy. Kingston Ontario. Find Your Voice Music Therapy.

We are so excited to welcome Christine to the Find Your Voice Music Therapy team in 2 weeks times!  

Christine Naguib, BMT, MTA, MT-BC, MA, obtained her Bachelors of Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University. In this programme, she studied piano under Elaine Lau, learned guitar, and fundamentals of Aesthetic Music Therapy and improvisation with Colin Lee. In addition, Christine also minored in French and completed her Grade 10 RCM in piano. Passionate to learn more in the music therapy field, Christine completed her Masters in Creative Arts Therapy at Concordia University in Montreal, in which she created a capstone project of creating a program proposal for music therapy in Long Term care settings. Christine has worked with geriatrics, children, and adolescents. Although she loves working with all populations and clientele, her passion is in geriatrics, mental health, and dreams to create music therapy opportunities for caregivers.

Get to know Christine a little better before her start date Monday, April 8th, 2019!

How did your journey as an Accredited Music Therapist begin?

I started volunteering in nursing homes in high school and I loved spending time with the elderly. When I brought piano playing into the picture and saw the effects music had on the residents in the nursing home, I got interested in the idea of music therapy. I always loved to play the piano and music was always something close to my heart. I especially liked to improvise and play what  “was not written” on score. When I learned music therapy was a profession, I worked hard and applied to Laurier and I got accepted into the program.

What did you do after your training as an Accredited Music Therapist and Masters of Music Therapist and why?

After my studying and training, I was eager to start working in the field as an Accredited Music Therapist (MTA). While in my Masters program at Concordia University, I realized the endless possibilities, models of practice, and populations to work with. I became mostly interested in psychotherapy and mental health practice. After study, I sought out more opportunities to learn and grow in the field. Greatly touched by working in the geriatric population and after trying out adolescent mental health practicums in my Masters program, I decided to try working in a geriatric mental health settings.  This brought me to my first job as an MTA in a geriatric hospital that specialized in geriatric psychiatry. While there, I got the experience of working in an interdisciplinary setting, challenging patients, and in a different music therapy model and setting that what I had been used to.  The experience was both rewarding and challenging as well as a self-discovery opportunity for myself.

Why did you choose to join the Find Your Voice Music Therapy team?

I was first appealed by the beauty of the company name, “ Find Your Voice Music Therapy.” I believe in music therapy, music therapists aim to help give the clients voices and to discover their own potential and strengths. As a music therapist  who is still relatively new to the field, I wanted opportunities to have supervision, guidance, and having support from other music therapists. Find Your Voice Music Therapy provides all of this opportunity as well as an opportunity to grow in the area of music therapy you wish to excel and grow in.

What are you passionate about in music therapy?

I am passionate about both helping people and music. I love the opportunity music allows us to connect and meet others who are hard to reach. I am passionate about improvisation and creative expression.

What do you hope to accomplish through your work in music therapy?

I hope to reach people through music and help my clients grow and develop to be the best that they can.  I hope that through my work, I can advocate for  music therapy. I hope that through my music therapy work, I will continue to grow and develop as a music therapist as well as a person.