Back to School: Music Therapy with Academic Learning

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Research shows that when music is integrated within an academic setting it promotes communication, social, memory and cognitive skills.  There is also evidence to indicate that music can support learning within stressful academic contexts such as tests.

Today, student’s mental health and learning needs are vast and continue to grow.  Often becoming difficult for homeroom teachers to fully manage on their own.  Within a therapeutic/ clinical context music therapy is often a “fun” form of therapy for students as they have opportunity to freely play, explore, create, and discover through music all while achieving therapeutic and clinical impact.  Music therapy programs for students are designed specifically for the mental health and learning needs of the individual.  An individually designed music therapy program can support students through the following domains:

Mental – music therapy can promote sensory integration, increase attention space, and facilitate learning of academic concepts

Social – music therapy can develop both verbal and non-verbal communication, self expression and promote social interaction and group cohesion

Emotional – music therapy can increase positive affect, promote behavioural skills, and improve confidence and self-esteem

Physical – music therapy can improve gross and fine motor skills, balance, mobility, coordination and control of movement

Sessions take place in the comfort of the child’s home.  Where parents can receive some respite, prep for dinner, run an errands while the session takes place.  Another common context is music therapy during school hours.  Where we connect with your child’s school to find an optimal time to integrate music therapy into your child’s academic/ learning schedule.   With consent, we can also connect with teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists etc. to develop a music therapy program that flows with your child’s developmental, growth and wellness goals.   

Music and music therapy integrated within an academic setting serves important value for personal growth and development.  If you have any questions on how to integrate music therapy within a school or at home setting please connect with us.  Through a complementary consultation we would be pleased to answer any questions you have!

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