Celebrations in Joy & Pain

Black Indigenous People of Colour. Brain Injury Awareness. Seniors Advocacy. LGBTQIA. World Love. Music. Counselling. COVID-19 Support. Online Therapy. Turtle Island. Canada.

6 years ago, at the beginning of our journey launching Find Your Voice Music Therapy we felt blessed for the opportunity to connect with our community and create a space for health, growth, restoration. Today the gratitude continues.  We now have a team of vibrant, passionate, heart centered therapists who strive every day to lead with love, hold safe spaces and empower community.

With the world’s current social and economic climate responding to COVID-19 and BIPOC movements it’s been uncomfortable and heavy to hear so many stories of pain, suffering and fear. We’ve also been invited into beautiful spaces of celebration with Brain Injury Awareness Month, Seniors Month, Pride Month with our LGBTQIA+ community, and National Indigenous People’s Day on June 21st.

It has truly been a time for humanity to collectively pause and listen to stories of pain, suffering, celebration and joy; To check in with our own privilege within systems of marginalization including age, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and nationality; To find spaces to lean into the discomfort and learn about diversity and inclusion.

I can say that there have been many times when I haven’t known what to say or do. I’ve felt overwhelmed; I don’t want to offend anyone; I don’t want to miss anything; I don’t know where to begin; I felt inundated with information. I believe that in these moments of uncertainty that the most powerful learning can come.  Reading articles, taking a course, posting on social media, listening to podcasts, talking to a friend, doing reflection/ meditation exercises are just some of the ways to learn and at your own pace.  I genuinely believe that these moments of fear are calling us to lean into love.

This year we choose to celebrate our 6 years journey by being grateful that we were able to be of service to our clients and are our communities. We are grateful for the support that our communities have given us.

This year we will celebrate by holding the world in our hands and hearts in a gesture to ease some pain and suffering that humanity is experiencing.  We celebrate with a vow to educate ourselves, and to continue to hold safe space for others. 

This year we strive for heart centered community impact.  To lead with inclusive love for all people and to create, develop, launch, give, serve according to guidance given from voices in our marginalized communities. 

This year we will lead with love in all things, at all times.

Love for ourselves – We need to be gentler with ourselves than ever before as we learn about topics that we don’t fully understand yet.  We are doing our best and we are on our own personal journey of being in heart centered service.

Love for our community – As we develop a loving intention, we can create moments in our communities that are safe, inclusive, and accessible; To take care of each other in the unique ways that we are being called to serve.

Love for our world – I believe that as we receive light through our learning, we become able to give the world our light so that it can heal. Let’s all continue the work of love, the work of light!

Mackenzie <3

Owner and Founder of Find Your Voice Music Therapy
Certified Music Therapist & Registered Counselling Therapist
1-800-827-3120 ext. 101