Welcome Kastin to the FYVMT Team!

Kastin Bradley. Certified Music Therapist. K'jipuktuk. Halifax, Nova Scotia. LGBTQ+ Music Therapy

We are excited to welcome Kastin Bradley to the Find Your Voice Music Therapy: K’jipuktuk/ Halifax, Nova Scotia team!  Grateful to Kastin for bringing their diverse perspective and fresh light in connection to our music therapy community. 

Kastin (She/Her or They/Them) completed a Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) at Acadia University, where they studied piano, voice, and guitar. She also now a Certified Music Therapist (MTA) with the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT).

During their internship, they developed a specialty focusing primarily on working with autistic people of all ages, early cognitive development in children, Parkinson’s Disease, and adapted music lessons.

Kastin is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is excited to be a resource and support for their community and allies. They strive to provide a safe, inclusive and engaging environment during their sessions to ensure you feel comfortable and supported while having fun during sessions!

In addition to their music therapy training, they’ve completed the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and multiple training courses for sexual assault prevention.  Kastin plans to continue their education by obtaining a Masters in Counselling, as well as becoming a dance/movement therapist!

What are you passionate about in music therapy?

I’m passionate about how music therapy is accessible to everyone! It’s an amazing versatile therapy with such diverse approaches that allow for so much expression, growth, and creativity within a comfortable, non-threatening environment.

Why did you want to join the K’jipuktuk/ Halifax, NS Find Your Voice Music Therapy team?

I initially wanted to join Find Your Voice Music Therapy because of how inclusive, and respectable they are of their communities. They not only value offering quality music therapy and counselling services but they also ensure they are educated in social justice issues, acknowledge Canada as indigenous land, and strive to be as client-centred as possible!

What do you hope to accomplish through your music therapy work in the HRM?

I genuinely hope to help as many individuals as I can! As an openly queer individual, I hope to be a support and resource to the LGBTQ+ community and work with non-binary and transgender individuals with vocal transitions pre and post hormone replacement therapy. I plan on working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, leading baby groups that focus on cognitive development and co-regulation with care-takers, as well as many other populations.

Connect with Kastin at [email protected] to welcome to the FYVMT family!