Why Music is Meaningful for Infant Development: Our Baby & Music Program

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Did you know learning a language and learning the fundamentals of music are almost identical? From birth, babies quickly learn to tune into the voices of their parents—long before they understand any words. At this stage of development, conversation is simply patterns of rhythms and sounds that convey emotional meaning. 

Between three to six months of age, most babies will start experimenting with their voices to produce a wide variety of sounds, including shrieks, coos, squeals, yells and other vocalizations. These random sounds quickly evolve into “babbling” that follows the cadences and patterns of speech. Consonant sounds soon emerge, and babies begin to experiment with repetition, rhythm and complexity. Scientists have discovered that babies who have been exposed to music have enhanced pattern recognition and could better predict rhythmic patterns — which are necessary skills in learning how to speak. 

Find Your Voice Music Therapy’s Baby & Me online group sessions are specifically designed to engage you and your little one with favourite sing-alongs, originals and action songs! Engaging in musical activities with your child will improve their development, strengthen your bond, and assist with co-regulation. Music naturally creates a social, playful environment which is the best learning environment for children. Not only will you be having fun together but you will also be developing their cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills at the same time! Incorporating music into your routine can also aid in reducing anxiety and increase executive function development. No music skills or instruments are required for this program as it is designed for everyone! 

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