Benefits of Music Therapy- We Are All Musical Beings

We Are All Musical Beings - Benefits of Music Therapy: Find Your Voice Music Therapy, Kingston, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Online, Canada

Our heart beats.  Our voice has a melodic quality. Our movements of the days, weeks, months, seasons have a rhythm.  Our relational interactions are in harmony with those we love and cherish in this lifetime. 

It is not uncommon for us to hear music being referred to as a “universal language.”  A study conducted by Harvard issued in The Harvard Gazette: Arts and Humanities indicated that “music appears in every society observed…. They looked at every society for which there was ethnographic information in a large online database, 315 in all, and found mention of music in all of them. For the discography, they collected 118 songs from a total of 86 cultures, covering 30 geographic regions.”  We encourage you to read past Find Your Voice Music Therapy Blog issue Love of Music – Universal Language of Connection to help inform this blog issue. 

Musical Inhibitions

There have been many times that I’ve heard from others, “I am not musical”, “I can’t sing or play an instrument,” and “I wish I had musical talent.”  Within Certified Music Therapist’s perspective we consider both community levels of musical expression and individual levels of musical expression.  A Nordoff and Robbins describes, “The musical child is therefore the individualized musicality inborn in every child: the term has reference to the universality of human musical sensitivity – the heritage of complex and subtle sensitivity to the ordering and relationship of tonal and rhythmic movement – and to the uniquely personal significance of of each child’s musical responsiveness.”

We are born as musical beings – lungs to breathe, vocal mechanisms to initiate sound, a mind to process and comprehend music notation, ears to receive input from auditory spaces, hands and feet to utilize a diverse range of fine/ gross motor skills.  So why are so many of us scared to make music?  Have self doubt and don’t believe they are good enough?  

I believe that it’s due to the macro systems that are at play with systemic environmental and learning/ education frameworks.  It’s no wonder that we’re doubting our abilities when they are measured on a success-failure, beautiful-ugly, talented-not talented spectrum.  It’s no wonder that we’re fearful when we aren’t nurtured for the human body’s capacity to foster our potential as “musical beings”

Musical Opportunities

Through extensive music therapy research projects across the World we see the quantitative and qualitative evidence of why music works as a form of therapy.  Certified Music Therapists consciously realize the culture you’ve grown up in and are trained to create safe and accessible spaces for your journey.  In exploring this part of self through alternative ways of communication or perhaps through clinical treatment in group or individual settings through a number of population areas.  We invite you to ask any questions that you may have on how music can support health and wellness, with you or a loved one, cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, or spiritually.  Find Your Voice Music Therapy is available for complimentary consultations!  

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