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Recognizing Power in Therapy Relationships

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Recognizing Power in Therapy Relationships In setting intentions for the new year, I am reflecting on how I want to feel at home, at work, and how I want my clients to feel. In some roles of a Certified Music Therapist (MTA), clinician, supervisor/ mentor, and entrepreneur, I recognize the responsibility to ensure that we […]

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Intentional & Safe Use of Music During the Holidays

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It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is nearing. This time of year can bring joy and gratitude. But also stress, agitation, and sadness — especially this year with pandemic health and safety considerations impacting our traditional celebrations. Holiday stress for 2020 may include: determining how travel restrictions will affect trips home for the […]

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The Gift of Music Therapy & Counselling

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The winter months can be tough for many as themes of grief, loss and sadness surface. Winter blues, clinically known as seasonal affective disorder, is common for many Canadians. Less sunlight, colder months, and hormonal shifts, can lead us to feeling depression, sadness, irritability and fatigue. Research shows that not only sunlight, exercise, and a […]

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Welcome Kastin to the FYVMT Team!

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We are excited to welcome Kastin Bradley to the Find Your Voice Music Therapy: K’jipuktuk/ Halifax, Nova Scotia team!  Grateful to Kastin for bringing their diverse perspective and fresh light in connection to our music therapy community.  Kastin (She/Her or They/Them) completed a Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) at Acadia University, where they studied piano, voice, […]

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Music Therapy for Individuals with Exceptionalities

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In October, Find Your Voice Music Therapy joins the celebration of Autism Awareness Month!  We appreciate this meaningful time to acknowledge the beautiful gifts that individuals with exceptionalities bring to the world!  The Government of Canada estimates that 1 in 66 children and youth have been diagnosed with autism in Canada. This month provides an […]

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Using Music to Support Uncomfortable Transitions

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Music for the Heart For students, parents, or extended family with loved ones involved with the school system, the changes of the fall season can bring up a lot of feelings. This time of year traditionally brings shifts in routine, with the start of new projects, and the close of summertime recharging, resting, relaxing bliss. […]

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Celebrations in Joy & Pain

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6 years ago, at the beginning of our journey launching Find Your Voice Music Therapy we felt blessed for the opportunity to connect with our community and create a space for health, growth, restoration. Today the gratitude continues.  We now have a team of vibrant, passionate, heart centered therapists who strive every day to lead […]

Anti-Oppressive Practices for Music Therapists

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Repost from MTA.Hayley & Priya Shah To Our Community,  As therapists, we often tackle difficult subject matter with our clients. There are some topics that we may feel less equipped to deal with or lack the appropriate language for in the moment. However, we are committed to finding resources, engaging in supervision with peers and […]

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Family Music & Wellness Group

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  Find Your Voice Music Therapy is excited to announce our NEW online Family Music and Wellness program for all Canadians! Tuesdays weekly from 3:00-3:45PM Eastern Time/ 4:00-4:45PM Atlantic Time through PIPDEA compliant software Google Hangouts. Connect with Mackenzie to learn more and see if this program resonates with you and register at Let the fun, […]