Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is manifested by how we think, act and be.  At Find Your Voice Music Therapy we are fully committed to the following practices and beliefs within our communities of team, clients, and the greater community.


  • We know that all persons regardless of gender identification, race, ethnicity, or spiritual practices are equal members in our communities. 
  • We hold space for them to be safe, seen and heard. 
  • We honour their stories and are grateful for the teachings that they bring to the community so that we can learn/unlearn and use this new wisdom to bring change to our humanity.  
  • We know that colonization and patriarchal systems have created systemic injustices.  We are committed to act, daily, to create the change that we can within our therapy services, business models and our words. 

2.  ACT

  • With intention we seek to create a diverse team of therapists that are representative of our greater community.
  • With intention we seek to create diverse programming that will meet the needs of all. 
  • We are creative in pricing structures to provide accessible funding.
  • We ensure all public communications are done with equity, diversity and inclusion at the forefront. 
  • We support community organizations by holding space for all and/or shifting the systemic injustices in our communities. 

3.  BE

  • We listen to understand.
  • We speak to create community.
  • We speak up to stop further injustices.

In addition to this internal policy Find Your Voice Music Therapy adheres to the Social Justice policies set forth by the Canadian Association of Music Therapists.  You can read these policies via the following links.

Anti-Racism as Violence Prevention

Anti-Asian Racism in Canada (March 2021)

BIPOC Anti-Racism (June 2020)

Social Justice Resources from CAMT