Music Therapy Internship

Find Your Voice Music Therapy is pleased to offer an internship placement with both online and in person session capabilities!  Please connect with us directly about internship openings.

The internship is designed to provide prospective music therapists with supervised work experiences over an extended period of time during which they consolidate their knowledge and skills in music therapy, develop competence with one or more clinical populations and gradually assume the full range of responsibilities of a professional music therapist.


Primary Populations ServedAutism, brain injury, caregiver/community-based programming, corrections, dementia, developmental and physical disabilities, hearing and visual impairment, hospital, learning challenges, long-term care, mental health, palliative care, rehabilitation, and stroke populations. 

Clinical Requirements

  1. The intern must be a CAMT member in good standing. 
  2. The intern must demonstrate strong musical skills.Including: have the ability to play I, IV, V basic chord progressions on the guitar and keyboard/piano in various keys to accompany a song; To lead a group while singing; To have good vocal proficiency including matching pitch; To transpose songs to meet patients’ vocal range; and To compose songs or simple arrangements using I, IV ,V chords. Interns should also be able to improvise utilizing rhythmic instruments, guitar, piano, voice or a different primary instrument. 
  3. Adequate demonstration of clinical skills are also required. The intern should provide evidence in favour of their ability to assess, observe, document and evaluate a patient’s mood/affect, behaviours and responses to music interventions; Ability to communicate effectively and with sensitivity; Basic knowledge of individual and group session plan development; and a general knowledge of health care terms and diagnoses. 

Academic RequirementsThe intern is required to have completed or be enrolled in a CAMT recognized program in music therapy by the onset of their internship. The intern is required to demonstrate a high level of professionalism, including demonstration of respect toward other persons in response to a variety of situations or circumstances. Demonstration of punctuality and organization is strongly preferred.  As well as the ability to follow Find Your Voice Music Therapy’s policies and procedures and the CAMT Code of Ethics. 

EquipmentThe intern must have access to a guitar or piano, computer, cellphone and a reliable car with vehicle insurance. The intern will have access to a supply of various percussion instruments during the internship. However, it is also recommended that the intern begin building their own collection.

Educational ResourcesThe intern will be provided with a detailed Internship Guide that will outline the internship process as well as access to company resources, documents, and software.

Learning Contract: Prior to the start date an internship contract will be completed. This agreement will address areas of professionalism, confidentiality, ethics, intern roles and responsibilities while working in association with Find Your Voice Music Therapy. Following acceptance to this internship site, the intern will discuss, document, and submit their personal learning goals for their internship to the internship supervisor(s).

SupervisionThe intern will have the opportunity to be supervised by the certified music therapy team with varied population interests and expertise. In addition to weekly meetings with the primary supervisor(s), the intern will have opportunities to observe music therapists in the Halifax, NS/ Kingston, ON areas, be observed and receive feedback, have access to documentation support, as well as therapist identity, business, leadership coaching.

EvaluationEvaluations [self and by supervisor(s)] are completed at the onset of the internship, the mid-way point, and at the end. Additional evaluations can be accommodated at the discretion of both parties

Financial & Insurance Considerations

  •  The intern will receive an honorarium for their work with Find Your Voice Music Therapy. Terms will be discussed upon commencement of the internship.
  • Find Your Voice Music Therapy charges for formal supervision for the duration of the internship. Interns are required to attend weekly formal supervision. A billing contract will be negotiated at the onset of the internship.
  • Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance will be provided by Find Your Voice Music Therapy.  This coverage will remain active only with Find Your Voice Music Therapy client relationship and while being a member in good standing with CAMT.
  • The intern is responsible for obtaining their own private health insurance. If support is needed to establish a health insurance policy connect with Mackenzie (Owner of Find Your Voice Music Therapy) for a list of contacts

Additional InformationApplications are accepted year round on a first come, first served basis. Find Your Voice Music Therapy will give priority to applicants interested in continuing their relationship with the company through a subcontracting agreement at the completion of their internship.

Any questions? Please contact us at [email protected]