Online Music Therapy in Canada

Find Your Voice Music Therapy is pleased to offer online music therapy sessions across Turtle Island/ Canada including our rural Canadian communities!

What is needed for online music therapy?

Access to computer or tablet with high speech internet as well as audio and video capabilities.  We will be using PIPEDA (Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) compliant software Google Hangouts or Zoom Pro.

If needed, all technology set up and implementation details will be discussed prior to ensure your session experience is as comfortable as possible. If you're not comfortable with technology set up and implementation not a problem!  We can discuss connecting with a friend/ family member at home or a facility staff member for support.

What can be addressed in online music therapy?

Online Music Therapy and Counselling. Virtual. Telehealth. Kingston, Ontario. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada.
  • Listening to music to promote social connection and positive mood states
  • Creative expression through singing, body percussion and playing instruments (if they are onsite at your home or facility)
  • Music and movement for body wellness and physical energy release
  • Songwriting and improvisation for self expression, processing and healing
  • Guided relaxation and meditation to ease stress and anxiety
  • Counselling to support health, wellness and restoration

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Here's to providing a space of healing, love, light, hope and music!  Blessed to be in connection on your journey!

In song,
Mackenzie and the Find Your Voice Music Therapy Team