Presentations & Workshops

Find Your Voice Music Therapy offers presentations and workshops to facilities, organizations, and groups in the Katarokwi/ Kingston, ON and K'jipuktuk/ Halifax, Nova Scotia areas.

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Music Therapy for Self Care & Wellness

How does music therapy...  Impact us mentally, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?  Promote connection, social cohesion, and community?  Serve as a bridge to self awareness, insight, and identification of feelings?  Effect quality of life and wellness?

Music Therapy for Caregivers

How does music therapy... Support coping strategies, self care and wellness? Promote positive affect and support healing, hope, courage and resiliency? Impact all areas of health and serve as a therapeutic modality?

Music Therapy for Autism & Developmental Delays

How does music therapy... Enhance attention, focus, connection and engagement?  Improve self confidence and self esteem?  Encourage self expression and creativity? Be used to facilitate learning of academic concepts, social and behavioural skills?

Mackenzie Costron. Find Your Voice Music Therapy. Accredited Music Therapist. Registered Counselling Therapist. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Music Therapy.

Music Therapy for Youth, Teens & Adults Mental Health

How does music therapy... Guide youth and teens to manage behaviours and emotions?  Improve courage, strength, and resilience?  Promote meaningful social interactions? Give the opportunity to freely explore, create, and discover?

Music Therapy for Stroke & Acquired Brain Injury

How does music therapy... Support communication and physical rehabilitation? Provide validation, support, and coping strategies? Increase positive affect, health and wellness?

Find Your Voice Music Therapy. Providence Care. Mackenzie Costron. Accredited Music Therapist. Registered Counselling Therapist. Therapeutic Touch. Guitar. Smiling. Positive Affect.

Music Therapy for Dementia & Alzheimer's

How does music therapy... Connect us to meaningful memories and people in our lives?  Increase positive affect, health and wellness?  Promote social connection and engagement?