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The holidays can be tough for many as themes of grief and loss surface.  We invite you to think about giving the “Gift of Music Therapy” to someone in need.  Find Your Voice Music Therapy’s program aims to support those in need in our Katarokwi/ Kingston, Ontario and K’jipuktuk/ Halifax, NS communities.  Such as individuals from marginalized communities, low income households, those who are unemployed/ underemployed, or uninsured/ underinsured as well as facilities who have low health programming budgets.  We thank you in advance for consideration of supporting our community outreach initiative!

Winter blues, clinically known as seasonal affective disorder, is common for many Canadians.  Less sunlight, colder months, and hormonal shifts, can lead us to feeling depressed, sadness, irritability, and lethargic.  Grief and loss can also occur frequently during this time of year in many forms: from the death of a loved one, personal injury, illness, or disease, loss of a valued relationships in your life, moving away from home, loss of youthfulness, changes in routines, to financial stress.  These experiences of grief are understood and valid. 

Research shows that not only sunlight, exercise, and a healthy diet can help during this season but also music.  When working a Certified Music Therapist the therapeutic elements of music are integrated into the session.  This helps with awareness, processing, and development of insight into positive and negative personal narratives.  The individual will focus on their strengths, abilities, values, and beliefs, to help work through the problems influencing their life.  Research shows that as we focus on our authentic self our positive personal narratives become engrained in daily living.  Individuals can also explore how broader socioeconomic, cultural, political, and economic external factors affect their lives, in turn impacting intrinsic motivation and sense of self. 

Music therapy sessions are designed according to each individual’s needs and preferences so the program is meaningful to your unique story.  Contact Find Your Voice Music Therapy for a complementary consultation to see if services for you or your loved one would be a good fit.

A Musical Invitation for Wellness- Find Your Voice Music Therapy

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