Welcome Kimiko to our Nova Scotia Clinical Team!

Kimiko Suzuki Music Therapist. Find Your Voice Music Therapy.

It is always a pleasure and joy to welcome new members to the Find Your Voice Music Therapy team.  We value the voices and perspectives of this team space as it shapes how we show up as individuals and as a company while working with our clients.  

We first connected with Kimiko (she/her) through her leadership and advocacy work in the Canadian Music Therapy community.  We are grateful for her grace, thoughtfulness, wisdom and radiance.  As these heart centred states of being fit beautifully into the values and messaging for how Find Your Voice Music Therapy is of loving service through our music therapy, voice therapy, counselling and psychotherapy services. 

Getting to Know Kimiko, Certified Music Therapist

Q1: What are you passionate about in music therapy? 

A1: I am passionate about providing a safe space to allow each individual’s creativity and fullest potential to shine through, while allowing them to feel supported in tapping into their inner strengths.

Q2: Why did you want to join the Nova Scotia Find Your Voice Music Therapy team?

A2: Although I moved to Nova Scotia to teach music therapy courses at Acadia, which has been very rewarding, I am looking forward to sharing my clinical skills and expertise in order to give back to the community.

Q3: What do you hope to accomplish through your music therapy work in Nova Scotia?

A3: I hope to provide music therapy clients with the tools and resources they need to feel connected to themselves, others around them, and to the power of music.

To learn more about Kimiko, an invitation to please visit our website

Kimiko might be a great fit for you if… 

  • You are looking for a music-centred, person-first, and strengths-based approach
  • You would like to develop tools and resources for mindfulness
  • You want a music therapist with experience in studying diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural humility, accessibility, and intersectional feminism
  • You are looking for an empathetic, humanistic style of therapy
  • You are located in the Annapolis Valley region of NS or seeking online therapy

Accomplished and Experienced Therapist serving Brain Injury and Stroke Community Online

No matter what your personal experience is, music serves as a universal language. You may not have expertise in music but you still identify with the melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics in music. All of us have the capacity to be emotionally moved by a piece of music. Music brings people together as a community and nation. It connects and motivates us.

Currently, Kimiko is supporting the Nova Scotia acquired brain injury and stroke community through music therapy offerings in partnership with the Brain Injury Association of Nova ScotiaOur music therapy program engages group participants in goal-oriented interventions that are both meaningful and therapeutic. Kimiko creates a personalized program according to the group member’s areas of need within mental health, spirituality and identity, cognition, physical wellness, and social connection.  Music therapy becomes an extremely meaningful and validating experience because through music we are able to connect, acknowledge, and support ABI and stroke survivors as they share their life stories.

Certified Music Therapists can utilize melody and rhythm for language / communication by enhancing brain function and structure.  Physical rehabilitation can be addressed through music and rhythm to enhance mobility, balance, and coordination of movement.  In addition, due to music’s emotional components an individual’s feelings and mood can be enhanced.  This can be especially meaningful with ABI and stroke survivors as they may be experiencing sadness, anxiety, frustration, stress, loss or grief. 

The Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia is pleased to fully fund weekly Wednesday online music therapy group sessions.  If you would like to learn more about this program or would like to engage therapy sessions with Kimiko please book a complimentary consultation with us!